Experience and expertise in precision turning. precision turning.

Founded in 2005, LMC was created to enter that market segment that required numerical control machining, with the aim of covering both the market segment of small series made up of lots of sophisticated pieces, and that of large numbers.

Our philosophy: to make the piece, following important quality standards.

LMC was founded in 2005 in Quinzano d’Oglio (BS – ITALY), where offices and production departments are still located today. We start with a small rented shed and 2 computerized numerical control machines, up to the present day where the production activities have considerably developed and perfected, the company has consolidated and the machinery fleet has increased, with the installation of particularly advanced systems.
In 2015, the branch of a multi-spindle company was acquired and today we have 19 CNC machining and 15 multi-spindle machines, 2 owned warehouses and 1 rented. Since the early years, the company has always aimed at the quality and reliability of its products, paying the utmost attention to setting up and organizing a group of people attentive to research and development of innovative production technologies and in step with times.
We carry out third party machining of precision turning components, dealing with each stage of production: from the entry of raw materials to the acceptance of orders, up to the delivery of the finished product, mainly for use in application sectors such as construction civil and industrial, taps, automotive, medical, water, air, gas, pneumatics, plumbing, valves for systems in general and so on.

We firmly believe in the Quality Quality of our products and create perfect solutions for every industrial sector.

The quality of our products and our production processes is guaranteed by the certification of our Quality System, obtained according to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standards.

Our company policy is aimed at achieving “zero defects”.
Starting from the careful selection of incoming raw materials up to packaging and shipping, each process is controlled by the Quality department which ensures supervision of the whole production, guaranteeing that the final product complies with the specific requests.

Small metal parts, from small series to large numbers.

Thanks to specialized personnel and a high-level fleet of machines, we offer a wide range of turning processes for the production of mechanical parts on request based on the customer’s design, in various types of raw materials.