We don't just supply raw products, but finished in detail. finished in detail.

At the request of the customer it is possible to implement customized processes, through qualified suppliers for surface treatments of annealing, nickel plating, chrome plating, zinc plating, laser stamping and any external machining of the piece.

A wide range of customized processes and additional services.

We don’t necessarily make standard models and we don’t have pre-made ones, but we work on specific needs by creating custom components of small and medium-sized parts. Consequently we aim to have a large variety of processes and additional services to offer, with the aim of satisfying the requests of each customer in a complete and personalized way, combining them with precision and production needs.
We take care of every stage of production, always guaranteeing punctuality, quality and precision. From the entry of raw materials to the delivery of the finished product, we work the piece following important quality standards and applying accurate quality control along the entire production chain. The end result is a turned detail ready for use in the most diverse industrial sectors.

Double type of machine, we work pieces from small to large diameter and for different industrial sectors.

We are able to tackle the most sophisticated production processes on various diameter dimensions (from ⌀4 mm to ⌀75 mm, without excluding the hexagonal bar) thanks to a well-equipped and cutting-edge machine park, consisting of multi-spindle mechanical lathes and CNC machines sliding headstock and fixed headstock.

Wherever there is a need to use high precision turned parts, LMC is a secure support and a reliable supplier, regardless of the place and type of use of the turned part to be produced.
Propose your project to us, we will find the best solution for you.

One last check: the packing phase.

It is not only the final phase but it is an integral part of the production cycle and for this reason it is a very important phase for us: it is a last visual check!

The packaging of the products is carried out with the utmost care, to guarantee the quality of the product and to allow easy handling of the goods within your warehouse.

Upon request, we can carry out the packing of the pieces one by one in order to avoid any slight dents during storage. It is carried out by our operators, in various ways, inside boxes of various sizes and also through the use of pallets (if required), or in bulk, or still in open boxes, always according to the specific requests.

imballaggio minuterie metalliche tornite personalizzate - lmc torneria


For our work we mainly use brass, iron, aluminum and steel bars and we rely only on highly qualified suppliers, who can ensure compliance with the highest quality requirements and in line with our principles of protection of people and the environment.
produzione componenti torniti in ottone - lmc torneria
produzione componenti torniti in ferro - lmc torneria
produzione componenti torniti in alluminio - lmc torneria
produzione componenti torniti in acciaio - lmc torneria