We deal with precision turning, precision turning, with passion and dedication.

Our world is that of precision mechanics and we are specialized in the supply of high precision machined components on behalf of third parties. We follow the specifications of the technical drawing provided by the customer and, after having carefully studied the project, we create the piece.

Speed in preparing estimates, care in tooling, but above all great accuracy in control.

We want the customer to feel calm when they receive the finished piece.
For this simple reason, for twenty years we have been committed to producing and supplying metal components (brass and other metals) through high-precision turning, with the use of highly technological Computer Numerical Control machinery capable of obtaining a very competitive product in terms of use and yield.
At the level’s company we apply a strategy of continuous investment in our manufacturing capacity and workforce, always trying to expand and maintain a technologically advanced fleet of machines, and a team made up of qualified people. To date we have 19 CNC lathes, 15 multi-spindle lathes and a production technical office set up to be able to adapt to any customer request.

A consolidated production process, to ensure customer satisfaction.

To ensure a supply of high precision turned small parts and efficiently satisfy all production needs in full compliance with current regulations, we use an accurate approach to Quality Control along the entire production chain.

From the extreme care in equipping the machine with precision tools to help the operator in checking on board the machine, up to the punctuality and precision of the final delivery.

Solutions and products for processes with reduced energy and environmental impact. environmental impact.

We are an ISO 9001 certified company for business process management and we continue to believe we can be an active part of a sustainable future.

For this reason, in 2022 we installed a photovoltaic system in order to produce electricity and become more independent from the network and purchased a latest generation modified alcohol washing machine, to minimize the dangers of pollution and protect the health of operators, not using no cleaning solvents.

lavorazioni a ridotto impatto energetico - lmc torneria
produzione componenti torniti in ottone - lmc torneria
produzione componenti torniti in ferro - lmc torneria
produzione componenti torniti in alluminio - lmc torneria
produzione componenti torniti in acciaio - lmc torneria


For our work we mainly use brass, iron, aluminum and steel bars and we rely only on highly qualified suppliers, who can ensure compliance with the highest quality requirements and in line with our principles of protection of people and the environment.